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nickrose wrote:

stratboy wrote:

In the video, there is no guitar plugged, and it’s said by Andy.


The guitar is plugged in at 2:00 in the video I saw. Not sure who Andy is.

It is important to know the guitar level, cos otherwise if you put enough gain after anything it will be noisy.

My comments apply.

I think that:

– You didn’t carefully watch all the video. Since the issue is present and demonstrated, and explained, before plugging the guitar.

– You didn’t carefully read the previous thread started by Andy and linked above.

– You should know who’s Andy, because it’s the video’s author, it’s written just below it, so again, you didn’t really watched and followed it. And by the way, it was made exactly for you, Eventide. You also should know who Andy Othling is, just because he’s Andy Othling. I guess people at Strymon know him quite well. You at Eventide could consider doing the same..

– In the end, you don’t really want to help, I don’t think so.

So have a nice day.