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A little more learning and watching YouTube videos, I think I have it figured out. I’m assuming now that you can’t just switch it over to tempo and not have to reset your delay times. I thought before that the two modes were interchangeable and that you could just switch back-and-forth between the two without tweaking, but now seeing that the delay times are not in BPM, but are a fraction of that bpm tempo. One weird thing, I would think that with switching over to tempo, the delay times would default to quarter note so that they would be similar to the millisecond time you had in before, but it looks like everything defaults to whole note. And that’s why it sounds like all my delays are all four times as long after switching to tempo mode. Is there anyway to set a global default 1/4 note for both delays when switching to tempo mode, instead of it defaulting to whole note. I mean who thinks of their delays in whole notes instead of quarter notes, maybe eighth or dotted eighth but rarely whole note.