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Thanks for the feedback

I didn’t include enough details now that I look at it.

My setup was H9K SPDIF RCA OUT to UAD Apollo X IN and UAD Apollo X SPDIF RCA OUT to H9K SPDIF RCA IN.

The H9K was master and the UAD Clocked to H9K SPDIF RCA IN – The Apollo was locked to the H9K.

Apollo doesn’t support SPDIF over Optical, only over RCA or ADAT

These clicks were with all processing completely bypassed. Switching back to 48Khz it worked again. I was just swithing SR while in an existing session and only ever used SPDIF RCA.

I’ll get a wordlock cable and try clocking that way, you think that would make a difference?

I’ll also try testing out these other scenarios like selecting a different session that is 96k or resetting session get back to you.