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bohan wrote:

boynigel wrote:

i’ve been using my H9 for over four years now and i’m still confused about the input meter.  it seems that no matter where i set the level, that i cannot hear any difference in the sound.  even when i engage a strong clean boost in front of it and the meter goes well into the red, nothing bad happens sound-wise.  i’m not complaining but i AM wondering what the deal is with this.  can anyone enlighten me?  thanks

If the red LED is lit It just means the sound is too loud so it’s clipped. You won’t notice any difference in the sound if your signal is just a bit higher than it should be. If your input level was loud enough, I believe you would be able to hear the clipping (Don’t do that though cause it could cause damage to your H9).

so the H9 input meter must have quite the early warning for clipping?  is there a “known” db value as to how much would damage the pedal?  i’m a little concerned, again, because i’m smacking the front end of my amp pretty hard at times via clean boost and OD, and the H9 is in my signal chain after the clean boost/OD.