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Hi !

i’m about the midi clock tempo sync thing and i wonder how to set up things to work with 2 H9 a tap tempo switch and an evenmidi controller.

i’ve set H9-1 to receive tap tempo from aux switch (the tap tempo on the H9’s right switch is not really usable in live cause you have to long press before tapping tempo and there is no option to choose H9’s switch functions behaviour…. it would be fantastic to have this possibility : set this switch as tap tempo all the time or hotswitch/repeat/freeze etc… ergonomy for live would be so much better) and send it out as midi clock. i’ve set h9-2 to receive tempo. global tempo is ON.

now if i want to use let’s say… a synthonizer (a “no tempo” effect) before a delay (tempo effect), i can’t specify the tempo of the midi-controlled effect chain with H9-1 tap tempo. the H9-1 doesn’t accept to receive tempo, nor to send it through midi (even if it is set up to in midi option).

what can i do to have this midi-chained FX to be synced by one tap tempo switch, still being able to use sculpt, synthonizer etc, regardless of the algo in fact ?

Thank you