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bohan wrote:

O2LAMJU wrote:

what can I do to have this midi-chained FX to be synced by one tap tempo switch, still being able to use sculpt, synthonizer etc, regardless of the algo in fact?

Hi, have you tried tapping tempo while using these algorithms? You can still tap the tempo on the first H9 (no matter on the right footswitch or aux switch) and send the clock to the second H9, even though the currently loaded algorithm (Sculpt or Synthonizer) on the first H9 doesn’t support TEMPO. 

sorry i probably missed something cause i never could do that. ok, Synthonizer HAS tempo, so it works (i just tested now). but with a “Scupt” Algo on my first H9 i just tried (with right footswitch) and it didn’t work. When i long-click on the Right FS it just marks “unused” and if i then start tapping tempo nothing is received on second H9, nothing changes…

what did i missed ?

Thx 🙂