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your words sounds like light at the end of a tunnel 😉 but when i said “nothing is received on second H9, nothing changes…” i meaned (sorry i’m french) what i wrote. it displays “unused” on H9 -1 while i tap tempo on its switch and nothing but my preset number.name still displayed on H9-2. i just redid the same manip and… no tempo changes on H9-2.

ok i think i got it. my preset on H9-2 was a tempo “off” preset (values in ms and and not notes like 1/4 1/8t etc…)

there are two modes that behave differently regarding “chained midi synchro” : tempo “on” and tempo “off”

when a delay (eg.) is “tempo on” on my H9-2 i can sync/slave it to the H9-1 tap tempo (midi clock) normally.

when a delay is “tempo off” (ms) it does not sync to the midi clock and i can tap its delay value (displayed in ms) with tap switch. ok it’s totally good and sane for complex presets’ setting.

and 3 switch’s led state :

1 led off : if you short click you go next preset

if you long click on switch :

2 led winking : tempo on

3 led on : tempo off

thank you and sorry for the blablabla 😉