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Eventide Staff
O2LAMJU wrote:

ok i think i got it. my preset on H9-2 was a tempo "off" preset (values in ms and and not notes like 1/4 1/8t etc…)

there are two modes that behave differently regarding "chained midi synchro" : tempo "on" and tempo "off"

when a delay (eg.) is "tempo on" on my H9-2 i can sync/slave it to the H9-1 tap tempo (midi clock) normally.

when a delay is "tempo off" (ms) it does not sync to the midi clock and i can tap its delay value (displayed in ms) with tap switch. ok it's totally good and sane for complex presets' setting.

thank you and sorry for the blablabla 😉

You're welcome. I'm happy that you figured it out. Yes, the preset needs to be in TEMPO mode to accept MIDI Clock.