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brock wrote:
rdnzl wrote:
… How do you guys handle this sort of situation? …

Preset Lists.  I usually assemble them by algorithm, type (modulation, delays, etc.), or set list.  There’s always going to be some overlap.  I’ve also uploaded to DropBox; mainly for online posting, & this site’s Preset Sharing section [although I think it still doesn’t support Preset lists, only individual Presets].  Handy as a backup.

But I face your situation as well:  One H9 here; two more over there; Win8.1 computer here; Android phone roaming among them.  I still think Preset Lists are the (current) way to go.  You can email a List to yourself.  It’s kind of clunky to load a List from a computer to one H9, transfer to the phone, load that to another H9, and up to a computer.  But once you have a collection of Preset Lists going, it gets a little better.

One thing I’ve been meaning to try is plugging the ‘Droid in as a drive to the Winx computer, and manually copying over the Lists to H9 Control’s file structure.  I have done some manual editing within the app itself.

Thanks for this. Yes, lists indeed. Have you got a naming convention to reflect a versioning ?
Also, did you find where on the ‘disk’ does tbe Android saves the presets / lists ?

Thank again.