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Re-animated from generations past.  It started life as a ‘normal’ delay preset, then some short looping variations oozed out of it.  DUCKED DELAY is a favorite for staying out of the way, until it’s needed.

Simulating an UltraTap TAPER control, with a few DELAY A fading repeats, then capped off with a single DELAY B repeat on the 4.  With legato playing, you may just hear the single DELAY B event.  RELEASE defaults to 250 mS.  With staccato input, both DELAY A/B begin to emerge.


Any dual delay should work, but you’ll need independent FEEDBACK A/B control for the ‘multi-tap’ effect.  If you’d like to stretch it out for two measures, raise FEEDBACK A to 10, and FEEDBACK B to 40.


At this point, the preset is set up for expression pedal control.  For introducing the short loops, WET MIX is increased, DELAY MIX is balanced, FEEDBACK A/B jump to 90, and the RELEASE time is shortened to 10 mS.  That last parameter setting brings up the loops almost instantly.  One nice feature of these short loops is that they’re always ‘recording’.  The delay buffers refill as soon as they reach the end(s).


You may prefer to use Aux Switches in place of (or in conjunction with) the expression pedal.  One switch is mapped to the expression pedal settings, for instant Heel-Toe.  The other switch is bound to REPEAT.  Two different flavors of short loops, under quick-tap foot control.


Holding down SW1 creates a ‘live’ short looper.  Toggling SW2 on captures a short loop, with dry signal (only) playing on top.  Tapping SW1 stutters in small pieces of the loop, with the increased levels. Either alone, or with REPEAT latched.  Active dual-switching produces some very expressive loop-scaping.