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joinpobob wrote:

One other related question.  OK, if I have to save the preset as active or inactive depending on how I want the preset to load, I can live with that.  But is there a way so that it only takes one press of the button on the GCP to toggle the state?  (I tried toggle and left, etc, but all seem to require two times for the action to occur).

There are two solutions:

1. Just save the preset while it's on, so when you load this preset it will be on as how it was saved.

2. I believe your GCP can send 2 MIDI messages when you press a switch once. So you may set the first message to MIDI PC to load the preset, and set the second to a MIDI CC message to trigger on or off that preset. Here I've attached a screenshot of H9 Control. You may set the MIDI CC mappings for Bypass or Active in the H9 Control by going to "Pedal Settings"->"MIDI Settings"->"Assign MIDI CC functions"->set MIDI CC for "Active" and "Bypass" accordingly.