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polybonk wrote:

gkellum wrote:

I asked one of my colleagues to respond to your questions about the H9000’s input specs.  With regards to Elevate and EQuivocate, we did re-use some of the IP in these plugins to create a broadcast limiter for our broadcast customers.  We hadn’t thought that this would interest our customers outside of broadcast though.  What use case did you have in mind for Elevate and EQuivocate?  

Thank you.  Would really love to know the specs.

Re Elevate etc.

Well I would use them for mastering. 

Considering this unit is billed as having mastering grade converters which it does from my testing, I would see this as a platform that could mature into something that leaves the TC Master 6000 gathering dust.  

Plus having them available sculpt effects would be a bonus. They are some of the best plugins made.


I’d love to see the newer Eventide mastering plug-ins added to the H9000 as well! My impression is that they are more advanced than the older H8000 mastering presets currently in the H9000.