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ssgrfk wrote:


Here are a few ideas i wrote down for UX enhancements to the Emote Software for the H9000

1. add a modifier key command for mouse control of parameters to enable a fine tune mode. So, for example, if you held down say COMMAND whilst adjusting a parameter with the mouse, the parameters value would change at 50% the usual speed. so you could fine tune parameters..  similar to the way Ableton LIVE works when you hold down COMMAND key and adjust a volume / send level etc..

2. make a default value for each parameter, for example, 0 DB for a volume fader, and make it so that double clicking on that fader sets the value of that parameter / fader to that default Value..  and possibly, add 2 or 3 default values so for example, every time you double click on a UX object like a fader, it cycles through these default values, so for example on the OUTPUT LEVELS fader, have it go from -24DB, 0DB, 24DB.. (although the 3 default values idea may turn out to be annoying in practice.. )

3. Please add / enable window application size memory. im forever resizing the Emote window on my Mac to make use of my large screen real estate. everytime Emote closes / crashes, i have to open and resize. which is a repetion you could easily automate.


I vote for all three of these ASAP! these are pretty basic/standard functions on every other program.