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bansta wrote:

1. User defined pattern for the arpeggiator would be rad!

Couldn’t agree more. Most significant reason for my H9 purchase. Also probably one of the most unique algorithms with a potential of positioning a H9 differently from the vast amount of alternatives (in terms of out of the box effects).

I really wonder who in the team came up with that genius idea then developed the algorithm. Ok, there’s the beauty of other signature effects like black hole etc., but arpeggiator is another ball game.

It works great as is but oh wouldn’t it be greater if it had more presets, let alone custom ones?

In a previous post I almost offered a bribe, like make more low octave presets and I might pay. Make that crowd funding thing if resources are so tight.

But there was no interest and time has passed and now I’m looking at another option (hint: a pedal named after a certain woman) for these kind of things (like effects also for non-guitar playing customers).