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dedeman wrote:

POP sound is coming FROM SPEAKER although on video sounds like a relay clicking, yet no relays are switching; amp channel is ONLY CLEAN. Pop occurs when switching Preset 6 (H9A algo is POST, H9B algo is POST) to Preset 5 (H9A algo is PRE, H9B algo is POST), not from 5 to 6. A sort of muting level variation happens when switching Preset 5 to Preset 6. The kind your coleague was talking about in your response.


If you need more info, please let me know.  I would really like to have this routing options and H9’s wiring, having the flexibility to place algo’s either in front or after preamp, in both H9’s. However, if you can suggest a better wiring of the two H9’s, it would be very helpful.


Thank you for your support.


I always have my 2 H9s in the effects loop in series but looking at your signal flow diagram I think you’ve got an problem.

If you have your H9A in a POST preset how can you feed it a signal when input & output 2 are active. I think the issue you’ve got with that diagram is H9A can never be in the loop but H9B can be in front of the amp or in the loop.

Would it not be easier to have one in front and one in the loop, loading the appropiate presets into pedals?