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I bought my Eclipse (V3) years ago and run it in my guitar rig. I was first using it with a Boss GT-Pro hooked up using 1/4″ plugs (in stereo) in the Boss’s FX loop. The problem I found with that was there was no setting to achieve a “trailing” effect when turning off the FX loop, so mains from Eclipse were sent out to rack mixer. Worked like a charm! I have since upgraded to the Line 6 Helix Rack, still using the Eclipse hooked up to FX Loop 1/2 in the Helix and using the “Trails” function in the Helix for natural delay/reverb decay when turning the FX Loop off. I don’t use the Eclipse Bypass function, even with MIDI CCs. I use the MIDI controller in the Helix to change progams, CC values etc. for the Eclipse, but the Eclipse’s signal from IN to OUT is never set to Bypass. I guess I’m really using the Eclipse as an insanely powerful stomp box in a dedicated FX loop.