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Eventide Staff
madzad wrote:

But 1st I can not change the parameters of Space via H9 Control (connected via USB) 

So when you open H9 Control with Space connected via USB, it doesn't recognize it? Which firmware version is on your Space? You may need to update the firmware using the direct updater. You can find that by clicking "Window" from the menu bar and "Open Eventide Direct Updater".

madzad wrote:

And 2nd H9 Control seems to have no integration within Cubase (what I thought before). So probably I'm wrong with my expectations. How do you manage the integration of Space / H9 Control and DAW the best?

H9 Control doesn't have integration with Cubase. You need to save presets in the H9 Control. However, you should be able to use Cubase to send MIDI messages to your Space to change parameters, macro/expression mappings, and switch presets etc.