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greyanaroth wrote:

I'd like to earnerstly request you support 96k fully(with internal undersampling if need be) so the unit is fully operational when working at 96k. Our studio has 2 H9000s and we work solely on 96k across the facility. Currently, we're using all 8 AES IO through DB25 connections as well as the 8 analog IO. Clock is set to external, since sending AES @96k to a device clocked @48k won't work. If I've to use the H9000 at 48k I lose my digital IO, which IMO, I'd prefer. This can be a switchable feature, if you'd like, but it really needs to be there. My setup right now is leaning towards 8 stereo busses permanently being a part of my mix chain, and I can't wait to use it to it's fullest, but this is a bit of a buzzkill. 

Yes, this is an important feature.  Our target for 1.1 is a bit close for us to be able to roll it into that release, but we'll put it on the list for 1.2.