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Eventide Staff
danisev2001 wrote:

I've read the sunset manual and I think that I need to send midi PC & CC numbers to sunset. You said this is not possible with the H9.

Well, H9 can send both CC and PC. However, H9 is a pedal, not a MIDI controller. So it cannot send multiple CC and PC messages simultaneously when you switch presets.

When you switch presets on H9, Sunset will switch accordingly based on the PC messages it receives from H9. You can adjust parameters on H9 and Sunset's parameters can be changed as well based on mapped CC messages. If you use Aux switches or Expression pedal on your H9, H9 can also send MIDI CC to control your Sunset as well.

You may set your H9 CC output mappings by:

1. Press and hold HOTKNOB button and right footswitch to enter setting menu.

2. Go to MIDI -> XMT CC

3. Now you can set MIDI CC messages that H9 sends out when you adjust H9's 10 parameters, expression pedal, or 3 aux switches.

It's nice that H9's CC mappings are flexible, so you may map them to whatever CC that Sunset's functions expect.