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shikawkee wrote:
… Man, I’ve been trying to recreate this Brock but when I hit the hotswitch in my app the threshold keeps jumping from -36 to 0 every time.  Any tips …

Sometimes, there’s some kind of flaky parameter retention in the HotSwitch programming.  It seems to be the HotSwitch values stored from whatever preset you started with [as a base patch template].

If I see that behavior (very often, but not always), I usually take this tactic:

  • Set up the HotSwitch to be programmed.
  • Swing the offending parameter fully clockwise to counterclockwise a few times.
  • Leave it at one extreme or the other.
  • Save the preset (not necessarily at the final form).
  • Program the HotSwitch to its final desired form.
  • Save it again (immediately).
  • Remove it from the buffer memory (with any other preset).
  • Reload the target preset again.

I don’t know why that works to wake up the preset, but it does.  Not all of those steps are needed, all of the time.  I’d say the parameter swings to the extremes, and the 2nd save process are essential components.

If you save it a second time, but don’t reload the preset, you’ll often see the same rogue parameter behavior (until the next preset load).  I’ll see where I have those presets archived for testing / preset sharing.

I’m not the most organized with these conceptual presets.  Might be easier to program them from scratch.

brock’s distant memory wrote:
I used to have some kind of shortcut for this; using the expression pedal programming to program the HotSwitch.  Or maybe that scenario was reversed.  I’ll check back into it when I get the chance.