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brock wrote:

Have you tried Unmap From HotSwitch in H9 Control?  [In Windows, double-click the mapped HotSwitch ‘knob’ and select].  Problem with that is the ‘phantom’ HotSwitch bindings don’t always show up as such.

shikawkee wrote:
Update: Tried what you suggested a few times.  It works better on the Blackhole preset but not quite there.  The Dynaverb keeps reverting back no matter what I do.  Dang it.

Well, sh–.  When all else fails, start over from another base preset (of the same algorithm).  First time around, you have no choice but to pick a [F]actory preset to modify.  Some of them have no embedded HotSwitch programming; many do.  It’s easily tested by loading a preset up, and tapping the HotSwitch.

As boring as this sounds, I’ve gone through many of the algos, and created a Blank Programming Template preset.  I add one to any Preset [L]ist that I post here.  As you’ve found, that can be more difficult than it appears.  There are those times when nothing seems to ‘stick’ on save [mainly Win8.1 & Android here].

Neutral parameters, 50:50 MIX, no modulation, no expression pedal or HotSwitch programming … just enough to elicit the core character of the algo.  Then I finalize any new ser preset off of that; even if the preset began life as another modified preset.  It seems to cut down on the freakishly frustrating surprises.

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Cool, will try in the AM.  Thanks!  That should work I would think.  Logically <g>.

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