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Hello, Nick-

Thank you for your reply! Yes- I’m aware this unit is a dinosaur. I definitely won’t be taking it out on tour! To fill you in on things- I haven’t decided how best to hook anything to it. I did try using my litttle Tom Scholz “BassAce”, belt-worn, personal practice amp as a preamp, but I couldn’t hear any output at all from the output amp I used. I was thinking, maybe, I just wasn’t giving it enjoy juice, up front, to drive it (I am aware the 1745M is passive). I was thinking to, next, try running it thru an active DI, maybe (such as Whirlwind’s HotBox Quad)? I am not, at all, certain about how best to interconnect one of these vintage DDLs, so I’m asking other’s advice before just blindly jacking it into anything- only to find that I’ve just fused everything into a useless mass of garbage. I’ve spoken in great depth with Jerome Hyman at Eventide/Little Ferry, and he has been positively indispensible, answering my every question. He talked with one of the last remaining engineers still on-staff from “the old days” on my behalf, and fed me the results of those conversations via e-mail. I even conversed with Mr. Factor about the device. I was floored to actually talk with him. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Can you tell me if my thought of using an active DI as a preamp will sufficiently drive the 1745M? What is the best way to hook it up for a live sound situation. I am a complete noob in this field, as well a blonde! So, if you could, please, talk slow- and use small words! 🙂 Thank you, once again, for your reply.