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jpallot wrote:
… any idea if a Disaster Area DMC-3XL would solve this? i.e. simultaneously control H9 and Infinity, and display song name as I cycle through presets?

Funny, I was just looking at the Disaster Area stuff today, as a potential solution for you.  Even the tiny one, if board space was at a premium.  What bothers me about them is that I found no specific mention of Song Select.  Something that needs to be clarified.  A lot of devices claim to send “any MIDI message”, but it often turns out to be “any MIDI message that we find to be commonly used or useful”.

I was going to suggest some kind of master MIDI control, depending on your needs.  Let your effects processors “process”, & perform as Thru devices [Master -> H9 -> Infinity].  I use an MPX-1 rack as my MIDI generator, out to everything else.  MIDI Clock master, CC effects, footswitched or pedal Start, Stop, etc.   I don’t load Infinity songs on-the-fly via MIDI, though.  It takes about 4 seconds minimum to load, as it is.

As I said above, I’ve seen (or used) Song Select XMIT on drum machines, hardware sequences, DAWS, iPhone apps.  I’d be reluctant to recommend a tethered option as your only source for master control.  I need to check into my MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus.   Inline; no power required, retained settings.  My thought was a conversion between Program Change and Song Select.  As I recall, the EPP was weak on conversions to System Common & Real Time conversions.  Perhaps even their Footswitch box may fill the bill.

I wanted to give you a few avenues to pursue for Song Select-specific solutions.  I still think – if you want to take MIDI anywhere – that a central ‘master’ device is going to give you a lot more options, a good MIDI clock, and hopefully the parameter control you’re looking for.  There are a lot of those to choose from now; more cost-effective by the day.  I may have to switch over to something similar myself, as I have some needs now for Chase Bliss-type TRS MIDI control.