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Yes, the MIDI Solutions Event Processors can be programmed to map incoming Program Change events to different outgoing Program Change events. It is also possible to conserve settings by mapping ranges of values, for example a single setting mapping incoming PCs 1 – 3 to outgoing PCs 65 – 67 would achieve the following:

PC1 mapped to PC65

PC2 mapped to PC66

PC3 mapped to PC67


I should also point out that the Event Processors draw power from the device that is connected to their MIDI input, and the Eventide H9 has been reported not to provide power to the MIDI Solutions products (see 
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http://www.midisolutions.com/faqs.htm#List). There is however a workaround which is to first connect the H9’s MIDI output to the MIDI input of some other MIDI device, then MIDI Thru from that device to the MIDI input of the Event Processor. If you don’t have any other devices that can be used for this purpose then the MIDI Solutions Power Adapter can also resolve the problem, for more information see 
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