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Eventide Staff
Wallower wrote:

First. after activating a preset from a preset list in the iPad app, I can of course tweak the controls. But then, the only option is to "Save" and overwrite the preset.  Under "More", there is no option to "Save As New".  The clunky workaround seems to be that you have to, in advance, duplicate the preset from the preset list, then open that duplicate, and then edit and save it.  But if you happen to have opened a preset from a preset list and tweaked it into a new sound you like as well, there's simply no way to save that sound without losing your original preset.  Am I missing something here?  Is there really no way to tweak a preset from a preset list and save the tweaks to a new preset?  Ideally, you could save it directly back to an empty position in the same preset list in which the original unmodified preset resides.

Second, when creating a new preset from scratch in the iPad app, there is similarly new option to save directly to a preset list.  It seems you can only save as a user preset.  To avoid tons of duplicate presets, it seems much more manageable to me to keep all my presets in lists, and delete the unsorted user presets.  Thus, whenever I create a good preset, I need to save it as a user preset, save that user preset to a preset list, and then delete the user preset.  This is a lot of extra steps.  Would be great if you could save a newly created preset directly to a pre-existing user list.  Again, am I missing this functionality?  If not, any chance some of this user flow will ever be streamlined?

For the first question, there is a workaround. When you edited a preset in the prest list page, if you click the "Preset" in the menu bar to go the Preset page, now you may save it as a User Preset.

For the second request, I'm not sure if we want to implement this, cause it might confuse some new users who are not familiar with Preset and Preset list hierarchy.

Thank you for your feedback!