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The whole workflow in the H9-Control is a sort of quest 🙂

If you have more then one H9 it becomes really annoying to switch all the time between all that screens, overloaded with the graphic clutter.

I’d prefer simple list view in the style of Norton Commander (have you ever heard about this ancient piece of software? 🙂  )  with a user list on the left side and the current device on the right side of the screen.


Wallower wrote:

bohan wrote:

When you edited a preset in the prest list page, if you click the “Preset” in the menu bar to go the Preset page, now you may save it as a User Preset.

For the second request, I’m not sure if we want to implement this, cause it might confuse some new users who are not familiar with Preset and Preset list hierarchy.

Thanks for the reply!  As a new user myself not long ago though, I have to say that the “user” vs. “list” preset relationship is already cumbersome, if not confusing.  I definitely struggled to find the best way to store, sort, find, load, and avoid duplication of presets, particularly between the “user” and “list” types.

Having two H9s on my board that I want to share the same set of favorite presets between, I eventually found preset lists to be much superior to user or stompbox presets, because I can keep my iPad open to my favorite list and then quickly load any preset to either unit.  Then, if I decide a certain preset needs to be tweaked, I can edit that specific list preset and be done with it, without worrying about updating any duplicate user or stompbox presets.

Thus, for my use case, I don’t see much benefit to keeping duplicate unsorted user presets cluttering up the Control app.  If anything, I may start keeping a backup preset list in case I accidentally modify or delete something in my primary list.  But user presets just don’t do anything for me that lists don’t already do.  And navigating from a TimeFactor user preset to, say, a Space user preset requires first navigating all the way between those algorithms.  I don’t see any benefit to that.

Thus, I literally went through my app, made sure every user preset was also saved to a list, and then DELETED all user presets.  Now, my Control app “Presets” page is clean with only factory presets, and all my custom presets are easy to find in categorized lists.

This setup seems logical to me–I imagine others may also be using a similar approach?  So then, going back to my original post, the problem is that the Control app seems to fight this setup at several turns, forcing me back into the messy world of user presets.  What I hope Eventide will consider, in a nutshell, is adding the capability to save new presets, regardless of their origin, into a pre-existing preset list, rather than defaulting to the grab-bag of user presets.  As it stands now, every new preset I create gets dumped into user presets, then I need to save it to a preset list, and then delete the user preset.  Something as simple as a drop-down option when selecting to “Save” a preset that gives the option to save it to a specific preset list, and if so, a prompt to select among existing preset lists, and then choose a specific location within the chosen list, would be ideal.

Thanks for consideration!