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jbamberg wrote:

Hi Grant,

Do you mean that when you send an algorithm to the device from VSig, emote disconnects?

We are changing the way that VSig communicates with the H9000, and this will address many connection related issues with VSig, but this isn’t going to general release for a while as we need to do a lot of internal testing first.

That’s right yea. So VSIG never appears to have an issue sending to the H9000 however with Emote open on Mac side during the send, Emote will disconnect.

It seems like Emote needs to tolerate a bit more connection dispution before it gives up the connection, just a thought – this would resonate with the issue reported by ssgrfk as I did have those issues as well when using WIFI.

I’ll send you the mail I drafted but didn’t send yet cos I was adding other stuff.