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Eventide Staff
Wallower wrote:

Thus, for my use case, I don't see much benefit to keeping duplicate unsorted user presets cluttering up the Control app.  If anything, I may start keeping a backup preset list in case I accidentally modify or delete something in my primary list.  But user presets just don't do anything for me that lists don't already do.  And navigating from a TimeFactor user preset to, say, a Space user preset requires first navigating all the way between those algorithms.  I don't see any benefit to that.

So if we removed the "Presets" page, what if a user wanted to play an algorithm and mess around with parameters without creating a dedicated list for it? If you chose an algorithm from the Algorithms page, should the view switch to a new list or an existing list? You may sort your user presets by Name, Date, or Number, and you can navigate different algorithms from the Algorithm bar on the left of the Presets page. I wouldn't say it is cluttering and doesn't have any benefit. 

Wallower wrote:

Thus, I literally went through my app, made sure every user preset was also saved to a list, and then DELETED all user presets. Now, my Control app "Presets" page is clean with only factory presets, and all my custom presets are easy to find in categorized lists.

Personally, I like messing around presets in the Presets screen, and only create lists for my band/solo practice and live performance. Imagine if you've created dozens of presets for each algorithm, you wouldn't want to have 50+ preset lists in your preset list screen. 

Wallower wrote:

This setup seems logical to me–I imagine others may also be using a similar approach? So then, going back to my original post, the problem is that the Control app seems to fight this setup at several turns, forcing me back into the messy world of user presets.  What I hope Eventide will consider, in a nutshell, is adding the capability to save new presets, regardless of their origin, into a pre-existing preset list, rather than defaulting to the grab-bag of user presets.  As it stands now, every new preset I create gets dumped into user presets, then I need to save it to a preset list, and then delete the user preset.  Something as simple as a drop-down option when selecting to "Save" a preset that gives the option to save it to a specific preset list, and if so, a prompt to select among existing preset lists, and then choose a specific location within the chosen list, would be ideal.

This approach is definitely logical to you, but might not apply to everyone. I see where your request is from and it sounds reasonable to me. However, removing the entire Presets page is just not possible for now, except you can provide a new logic/design covering all possibilities of preset editing and navigation, with new integrated UI components. I would be very happy if you can do this for us though…

Since I cannot guarantee if/when this feature will be added, I would suggest when you want to edit a preset, please just go to the Preset List page and edit or add presets there. By doing so you can save some time of deleting the user preset copy of that.