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Foremost, thanks for the response, I sincerely appreciate the dialogue and continued support Eventide puts into the H9!

bohan wrote:
So if we removed the "Presets" page….
bohan wrote:
However, removing the entire Presets page is just not possible for now….

My bad, I didn’t mean to sound like I was suggesting to do away with User Presets entirely! I certainly don’t desire or ever expect any such seismic changes to the Control App. Alls I’m looking for is an option to save a new preset directly to a list, rather than currently only being able to save new presets as “user” presets.

bohan wrote:
Imagine if you've created dozens of presets for each algorithm, you wouldn't want to have 50+ preset lists in your preset list screen. 

Notwithstanding the miscommunication above (I’m not advocating for removal of user presets), I would still personally probably have all such presets categorized in lists. With up to 99 presets per list, it wouldn’t take very many lists really. My biggest issue with user presets is, when you want to make them into an easily-accessible list, you have to create a duplicate. I hate duplicates, I tweak one and forget which one and it just becomes a mess. With lists, I can just keep a single always-current copy of my custom presets.

bohan wrote:
I would suggest when you want to edit a preset, please just go to the Preset List page and edit or add presets there. By doing so you can save some time of deleting the user preset copy of that.

The problem is, first, if I’ve opened a preset from a list (which is how I open most presets for reasons previously discussed) and I decide spontaneously to edit it and I then come up with some amazing new preset, which I of course then want to save without overwriting the original list preset, I’m out of luck. There’s no way to save that new preset without destroying the old one. A simple option to save as new in a different preset list location would be huge here!

And second, If I want to edit a factory preset and save directly to a preset list, again, I can’t do that. Which is why I keep creating user presets, saving them to lists, and then deleting them.