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J.Cramer wrote:

I am having trouble getting my H9000 connected correctly so I can use the new emote software on a windows based computer.This unit has the Dante card installed and this part works well. I am told by eventide support that the unit needs to be connected FROM the network port on the BACK of the unit TO the network port on my computer. There are two network ports on my computer. One is used to connect to my internet router. Is connecting to the other open port correct? I don't think I am supposed to connect to the switch that all my Dante units are connected to…am I ??

As you might see…I am a bit new at this. Any help would be great !!


There is a network port on the H9000 that is separate from the network ports on the Dante card.  This is for the network that emote uses to control the H9000.  You can use the same network for both Dante and control, but many installations opt to keep the audio separate.

Presumably, if you are using your PC to run the Dante Controller software, and your PC is only connected to your internet router, then you are using a shared network for Dante and for other traffic.  In that case, you can connect your Dante card (using one of the Primary ports) to the same switch or router as your other Dante equipment (including your PC), and the H9000 control port also to the same switch or router.

Alternatively, since the two primary ports on the Dante card are connected to an internal switch, you could, for example, connect Primary 1 on the Dante card to the H9000 control port, and Primary 2 on the Dante card to your switch or router, which would avoid needing to run 2 cables from your H9000 and tieing up 2 ports on your network equipment.

I hope this is clear.  Feel free to email support@eventide.com if you need to follow up.