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Resurrecting this thread…

I’m curious if I could determine what data changed.  When is the saved checksum written?  Any time there is a write to RAM? 

If the corruption was in a preset due to a dying battery, after I replace the battery, if I were to send all my presets to the device and rewritten, at the next start would the checksum error go away or does the error message have to be cleared?  Basically, I sort of would like to know if the corruption is in a preset, routing or setup.  And does rewriting a preset mean that if the corruption was in the routing data, recompute of the checksum would now occur with corrupted routing data (meaning no error reported, without knowing if the corruption was actually addressed because I updated an uncorrupted preset rather than corrupted routing data).

I think in summary, the questions are:

– Does the checksum error message have to be cleared, or if the corrupted data was successfully replaced with uncorrupted data, would the error be gone at next startup?

– Does the act of writing to any memory cause the checksum to be updated, meaning that data corruption in data unrelated to the write would now be ‘baked’ into the new checksum?