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Eventide Staff
pinup57 wrote:

I had several conversations with support last fall about midi support for the iOS H9 app, and was VERY happy when I dropped by and saw that the january '19 update includes support for connecting several devices over midi on the iPad. That's great news, and I'm very thankful for this.

However, after several hours of trying everything possible, I wasn't able to get that to work. There are many combinations I tried, it just doesn't work. I have managed to get either one of my Factors to connect (after many a reset to factory settings both on the app and the pedals, inluding re-registration of the hardware) but as soon as I connect both, nothing works anymore, including when I only connect one of them. As soon as I launch the app, both pedals freeze and I need to physically unplug the USB connector for them to recover. Then I need to go to the whole procedure:  reset pedals (hot-knob +  right switch), reset app, reregister pedal on account, one-after-another to get at least one to work.

Hi I'd like to know more about your setup. So how did you connect your stompboxes to your interface and iPad? What cables did you use?

The update in January added support to connect to multiple devices via MIDI. The correct way to do that on an iPad is to click the "Connect to Eventide devices via MIDI" in the Settings page. Please see attached images.