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Eventide Staff
pinup57 wrote:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The Factors are connected to the iConnnectivity iCM4+ interface over USB using a USB hub (tried several hubs to no avail). The iCM4+ is connected to the iPad using the provided iConnectivity cable which is specially designed for this purpose. I  connect the devices in H9 Control by using the "Connect to Eventide devices via MIDI" option in the Settings page. There I choose the port I routed the Factors to and from. As I reported, I can get each to work independantly, but only if I totally reset everything after a failed attempt to connect both.

I can see a potential problem here. So H9 Control can save the connection by remembering the MIDI ports' names. Therefore, if you have 2 identical MIDI port names for 2 pedals, H9 Control could mess them up. Did you set two different MIDI port names for your pedals?