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bohan wrote:

Now I’m pretty sure that’s what caused the problem. The port names are configurable. Please refer to:



Hi, Thank you.

Hi, it was not a matter of port names, but you put me on the right track: we must NOT use one single port for both pedals, but one distinct port for each one, and do the connection and registration process twice in a row. At first this didn’t work, but I finally managed to connect both. One glitch though: I had connected the TimeFactor first, and when I registered the PitchFactor, one of the dialogs mentioned the TF (I think it was the one that said “retrieving information from the pedal). But that didn’t seem to matter.

I think this should be mentioned in the release notes: it’s not so obvious. I’m a veteran midi user, and I hadn’t realised this at all….. I thought that the “connect eventide device by midi” dialog indicated the port the devices should be connected to, so in my midi router I merged them to that port. This messed everything up including the iCM4+ which I needed to restart several times. The devices should really not share ports!

But now that it works, I couldn’t be more happy! Thanks for your support, and awesome sounding products.