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jbamberg wrote:

cbm wrote:

Now that VSIG is supported, can anyone comment on importing patches done for older machines? I have a bunch of Orville patches, and I wonder if they’re just going to work on the H9000, or will there be a bunch of twaking involved.

Do you have the patches stored as text sigfiles, or are they on your Orville?

There are going to be some challenges in migrating patches from older machines, but we might be able to help if you can send them to us.  One challenge is that the DSP modules that make up the algorithms have changed over time, which can lead to problems with forward-compatibility of sigfiles.

Thanks for your response.

I have everything I care about as sigfiles. 

I have been using VM Ware / Win 7 for VSIG on my Mac. Has anytone tested the new VSIG in a similar configuration?