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Boynigel wrote:
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Boynigel wrote:

so the H9 input meter must have quite the early warning for clipping?  is there a “known” db value as to how much would damage the pedal?  i’m a little concerned, again, because i’m smacking the front end of my amp pretty hard at times via clean boost and OD, and the H9 is in my signal chain after the clean boost/OD.

Hi, it’s OK if the input LED is lit occasionally. Clean boost and OD won’t damage the pedal. As long as the LED is not always lit and you are fine with the sound, you don’t need to worry about it.

It’s lighting with every note attack, then after a second it goes out.  that said, if i’m chugging chords it’s pretty much staying lit.  still an “okay” scenario?  interestingly,  on the actual pedal the red peak light comes on when the app’s peak light isn’t.  that said, the peak meter on the app isn’t far behind the pedal- usually one meter light block away.  could 4CM be creating/contributing to the peaking?  i don’t recall ever having this issue back when i used the pedal exclusively in my amp’s fx loop.

This is still unresolved. When using overdrive the red light on the pedal is always lit. However, the meter on the app is showing the level to be averaging at right around “0” or slightly under. Basically it’s the initial pick attack that peaks the meter over zero. As soon as the pick attack is over the meter hangs at just under zero. That said, fast picking means I’m always in the red. How much in the red is the mystery. Maybe it’s only .5 dB. Then again maybe it’s 4.5 dB or more. I don’t know and that’s what concerns me as far as potentially damaging the pedal as you mentioned earlier. I’m also curious as to which meter I should believe- the pedal’s, or the app’s?