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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Does H9 input meter do anything? Reply To: Does H9 input meter do anything?

nickrose wrote:

The app's meter just shows the input level, while the red light on the H9 shows the effect overloading. Depending on the effect and the frequencies involved, it is possible to overload the effect without overloading the input. So, the red light on the H9 is the main thing.

But, you are unlikely to damage the H9, and if you don't hear any unpleasant distortion, don't worry.The sound is the thing.



Okay thanks. The light on the pedal is pretty much always red once I engage my overdrive pedal. Given that the sound is overdriven it’s hard to tell if there’s any “unpleasant “ distortion mixed in there. If there is, I can’t hear it. Just got a little panicked when the other Eventide staffer said the pedal could be damaged from overloading the pedal. Perhaps he was talking extreme case scenario?