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tlongabaugh wrote:

Sorry to hear about the problem.

I’m curious – does this crash happen in a blank/fresh session if you add Blackhole to a track, and then try to remove it? Or is it just this specific session?

A quick andn dirty workaround, if you need it, would be to uninstall Blackhole, open your session and replace Blackhole with the other plugin, and then reinstall Blackhole.


Thank you for the “dirty workaround” tip. I will give it a try.

I just see no reason to reinstall Blackhole before it gets updated to a version that works well in FL Studio.

Blackhole still crashes FL Studio 20 even when loaded in a blank/fresh session.

I only have 3 plugins sold by Eventide:




Tried adding each of them on a mixer track, in a fresh session and then to delete/replace them.

All of them crash FL Studio 20 when I try to remove them from the mixer channel.

Quadravox and Equivocate used to work fine, before Blackhole was installed.


Other things I have noticed, related to the DAW crashing events:

1. If I add 2 instances of Blackhole on a mixer channel, I can delete one of them. FL Studio only crashes when I try to remove the last instance of the Eventide plugin from the mixer channel.

2. When I reopen FL Studio, instead of the template that I have for a “new project”, a weird new project is opened after every crash. In this weird project, mixer channels from 1 to 99 are all routed to mixer channels 100, 101, 102 and 103 and these 4 mixer channels are normally routed to the master channel. From mixer channel 104 everything is routed normally.

I am sure that you can understand how frustrating this issue is, as it disables me from using all my Eventide plugins.

I was planning to get Anthology XI this summer, but if I won’t be able to use the included plugins properly… it doesn’t really make sense.

I have quite a lot of plugins from multiple developers (in random order):





Native Instruments





D16 Group



IK Multimedia

Spitfire Audio


AIR Music Tech




and many others…

All of them work just perfect with FL Studio 20 on my computer (even some old 32bit ones, bridged) while, after installing Blackhole, all my Eventide plugins crash FL Studio when I attempt to replace/delete them.

My knowledge about software development is extremely limited, but according to my own experience with all these plugins… it looks like the issue is on Eventide’s side.



I understand that FL Studio is not in the “compatible” DAWs list yet.

Still, as FL Studio is extremely affordable (“Signature” bundle is under 300 + with any version you get free lifetime updates) and Image Line keeps updating/upgrading it frequently to bring us, the users, more and more value with every new update/version of it, the number of FL Studio users grows constantly.


Eventide plugins are really awesome, just please make them work properly in FL Studio.

Looking forward to a solution that will enable me to use my Eventide plugins again.

Thank you in advance.