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ssgrfk wrote:

I believe what the original post (poster?) means by morphing within presets, is what you might more accurately describe as morphing between a group of different parameter settings within a given preset / algorythm… 

so, say you have Reverb XX with 12 parameters. you have one ‘preset’ within that reverb which is those 12 parameters + their values, then you have another ‘preset’ within the same Reverb which is simply the same 12 parameters with different values..  the ability to morph between those ‘presets’ would basically be the same as adjusting all the parameters that change between those 2 presets, at once, with the one control.. So. one knob for example that, when turned fully to the left, = Preset A, then when rotated fully to the right = preset B.. 

with the ability to map parameters to 1 or more morph groups.. 

this kind of feature is already existing in a number of audio products.. the Nord Modular being one for example and i think the feature would be an excellent addition to the H9000


Yes, that’s exactly what the original post meant! I do not own an H9 but in my understanding that’s what the “ribbon” control does from Preset A to Preset B. I would love to see implemented in the H9000 this feature exactly in the H9’s way. More than anything, being the H9000 very flexible and articulated and for this reason being potentially complicated and time consuming to program/map macros, etc., this feature would optimize some workflows big time.