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Mr. Rose,

Thanks for your reply. In addition to being an amature musician, I am an electronics engineer and appreciate your comments regarding the age and pedigree of the H8000FW. Perhaps Eventide should have never introduced the Firewire interface to the H8000. The FW I/F set the expectation that users would be able to fully exploit the capabilities with the ease of intuitive GUI’s that would be developed for MAC/PC. Unforutnately, neither Eventide or third parties ever invested in developing these applications, which is understandable based on likely return on investment. I could envision a woderful set of SW tools that would enhanced user’s satisfaction with the H8000FW, even given it’s age and ‘limitations’. It is sad such a capable product has became orphaned and will only truly be appreciated by those who have the time, knowledge, and expterise to learn all of the idiosynchracies and technical ‘tricks’ required to fully integrate the device in a current day DAW environment.


Jack S.