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Eventide Staff
Ed Driscoll wrote:

Hi there,

I just tried plugging my old Roland EV-5 pedal into the H9000, and after having difficulty calibrating it, I was wondering if the reason why is that this pedal won't play nice with the H9000. I saw a thread on expression pedals for the H9 that gave some recommendations, so I'm wondering if you can do the same for the H9000.




Hey Ed,

Sorry to hear that you are running into some issues with your Expression pedal mappings. I actually just tested it with the Roland EV5 as well and it seems to be working fine on my end. What behavior are you seeing? Make sure that the range knob on the EV5 is at 10 and that you are calibrating it first using the SETUP>PEDAL and CALIBRATE menu. 

Hope this helps!