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ssgrfk wrote:


the slowdown occurs regardless of Emote connectivity. 

the slowdown only occurs with non stepped / non recorded automation data..  so, record some automation via a knob turn, etc. this plays back fine.

draw in data, as described above, this causes it to slow down and misbehave


My guess is that the DAW is simply sending more messages than the UI can keep up with, if it works with recorded data but not with the drawn-in data.  The resolution of the pencil tool/curve interpolation in the DAW may be higher than what is actually needed to actually produce a smooth effect in the audio, so reducing the amount of automation points might be a solution.  Ableton 9 seems to have a hidden feature which allows you to "thin" the automation data to produce less points in between the breakpoints, but I don't know much about it, you may have better luck on the Ableton forums.

vanceg wrote:

Perhaps someday automation will be available directly from the Emote plugin. 

The 1.1 update introduced automation natively to the Emote plug-in.  You will need to map the parameters to Functions, and then the Functions are exposed as automatable parameters in the DAW automation lanes.  I can't say for sure that the UI behavior will be better if the DAW is simply sending too many events, but this does use an entirely different control protocol from MIDI, so it may be worth a shot and seeing if it helps.