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I’ve only owned my H8000FW for about 5 years, and there are merchants that still offer them new. Thanks to Mr. Italo de Angelis, I have new life for my H8000FW. Italo should still be on the Eventide payroll, he is likely the best resource out there for the user community. I purchased and loaded up his 80 patch “Time and Space Library’, and it is exactly the kind of effects I really wanted from my unit that are not in the factory presets. I also was not interested in becoming a VSig expert algorithm developer (although that is really a compelling feature of the Eventide products that supprt it). I almost made the mistake of selling my H8000FW and upgrading to the H9000, then I found out it doesn’t even have the Ultrashifters – most unfortunate. It should have had ‘super’ Ultrashifters at the time of offering, including the abillity to shitf an input format to any MIDI input note, The poor MIDI not implementation on the H8000FW should have been corrected to support this valuable function. In any case, I now have a truly useful set of presets and a fully Ableton integrated effects processor that meets my expectation – only took five years.