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brock wrote:
mjahoger wrote:
… do please any presets you have that emulate a Dynaflanger.

You’d think I could find them easily.  I did run across a “Ship Ahoy Flange’ preset, that sounded like I tweaked it into an Oberheim VCF-200 [sequenced filter].  It will be faster to create a base preset to work from.

Relatively mild envelope settings to start with here.  You can do much the same with the CHORUS or PHASER algos (and others), or by changing the FLANGER TYPE here to THRU-0.  Different core emulations of effects processing can yield similar, but never identical, results.

Four interactive parameters here will determine the overall ‘intensity’ of the effect:

SENSITIVITY tweaks are crucial to matching your input & playing style.  INTENSITY and DEPTH increases will bring the dynamic effects forward.  DELAY OFFSET [MODFY DLY O/P], as mentioned, is the ‘manual’ delay time.  Increase or decrease that midpoint value for higher or lower sweeps in the apparent ‘pitch’.

The expression pedal mapping was added here, strictly to illustrate the most extreme sounding values.  The lower row of FLANGER controls (or most any ModFactor algorithm) can be left at neutral settings, unless you want to fold in a little added modulation over the main envelope modulation.

Is there a way to change the direction of the flanger sound when having the modulation triggered by the input signal? On the Meris Polymoon I can have the Dynaflanger go from the high pitched sound, to the lower pitched modulated sound and back, whereas with the Eventide it always seems to go the other way around (from the lower pitched modulated sound, peaking to the higher pitched modulated sound, and back).

I am sorry if my description of the sound is a bit weird; I don’t know what the actual name of the various positions of the cycle of a flanger are.

Hope you can advice me on how to get the Dynaflanger on the H9 to trigger into the opposite direction of the cycle.