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mjahoger wrote:
… Is there a way to change the direction of the flanger sound when having the modulation triggered by the input signal? On the Meris Polymoon I can have the Dynaflanger go from the high pitched sound, to the lower pitched modulated sound and back, whereas with the Eventide it always seems to go the other way around (from the lower pitched modulated sound, peaking to the higher pitched modulated sound, and back). I am sorry if my description of the sound is a bit weird; I don’t know what the actual name of the various positions of the cycle of a flanger are. Hope you can advice me on how to get the Dynaflanger on the H9 to trigger into the opposite direction of the cycle. Thanks

I think I know what you’re after.  What Meris calls Envelope Down (like a Mutron III Drive Up / Down).  I call it an inverted envelope, or peak follower.  It takes the shape of your input signal, and turns it upside-down.

The bad news is:  You’re not going to get that in the H9 Flanger.  Useful feature; it’s just not there.  Changing the Shape to ADSR will get you a fixed set of triggered envelope controls, but it’s not what you’re looking for.

Let me give that some thought on ways you might get around that; either externally, or by using another algorithm for similar results.  And I still owe you more presets, & an explanation to your earlier questions.