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Hey I’m having this exact same issue. I have a Space pedal on one board, and a backup Space I want to setup with the same settings. I followed the instructions which appear to be the same as the H9. I connected to my PC laptop, got a message that the computer recognized the device, performed the dump, saw the pedal send all 99 presets and state that it was complete. I can’t find the dumped file on my PC. There are no instructions in the user guide/manual as to any external “suitable program” to send the files back, nor can I find any info on what settings the pedal needs to be at to receive an incoming backup or file dump. I’m assuming you can do this with the direct update utility by selecting to “update from a file?” I know the H9 software allows you to copy and restore settings from a device pretty easily because I’ve done it with an H9. However, the registration protection is really short sighted because in my case, I’m guitar teching for a band. The pedals are registered to the band members, but I am responsible for backing them up and servicing the boards. I can’t access the Space pedals without the guitarist’s login. I *can* see the device on the update utility, but what next? 

Is it really so crazy to include some detailed instructions on this pretty fundamental procedure? We’re talking about how to properly backup and restore your settings, and the manual is incomplete on how to do this via MIDI. The only walk-through video on this on youtube is in Italian. Come on, guys.