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nickrose wrote:

It sounds like you have a number of options:

1) If the Eclipse starts at zero and your controllers can be set to start at zero, this could be a solution.

2) If the above is not true, you can use the MIDI map to connect any Program Change to any Program.

This is less difficult than you think it is.


Hi Nick,

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I would rather program the Eclipse to start at one rather than reprogram all my other units and controller, but it seems when I use the Midi map to assign the presets its one off. In other words, if I use Midi map one and lets say I want to store preset #15 on program change # 15 so when I hit my controller for preset 15 thats what will come up on the Eclipse, I actually have to use program change #14 because the Eclipse starts at zero in the Program Change #. Is there any way to have that start at one instead of zero? Thanks.

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