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If you're looking to get a rough approximation within the H3000 Factory plugin, the best place to start is probably with the H3000 series user manual. Page 62 has a block diagram for Reverb Factory, which should give you a sense of how the routing works. Even though the plugin only has two delay blocks, the pitch shifting blocks also have delay, so you can use those to get a total of four delays. Combining those four delays with the four mixing blocks (and turning up the feedback) you may be able to get within the ballpark of the canyon preset. Recreating the gating effect probably requires some clever external routing in your DAW.

If you're interested in other tools that would be better suited for recreating that canyon reverb, you might want to check out the UltraReverb plugin or (if you have an H9) the ModEchoVerb algorithm.


Best of luck–I'm eager to see what you come up with!