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Hello Quin,


                   I have really great news to report. 


I loaded my 2018 6 core i7 Mac mini with Logic Pro 10.4.4 just now and I tried loading a preset from the preset bar, the preset loaded fine, and I tried clicking on the name in the preset bar and the preset bar is now working just as it should. 


I must not have been trying the right things, but now it actually is working with all my presets as it should.


The only thing we must do every time on starting from scratch is load a preset from the correct location, then the presets work as they always did. 


Maybe it is because of the new computer needing to work with the correct version of Logic Pro 10? 


I am not sure, but none the less this is just great news for me, and I hope the problem stays solved in this area. It would be great if others can find the same work around with their issues as well.