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Eventide Staff

Alas, I only have one solution for you, which you won't like. (See later).

The H8000FW does not support the PCMCIA cards that the Orville uses – this is why it reacted badly to being offered one. It is looking for a Compact Flash card in a suitable adaptor.

Because Win7-10 does not support the printer-cable based card readers that will handle PCMCIA, we have nothing that will read them.

So (see first line), all I can suggest is that you find someone with an Orville, and have him extract the sigfiles fromthe presets on your card. Then you should be able to download those to your H8000 (using Vsig 2.0). But, be aware that due to changes in the DSP modules, a few may be incompatible.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but technology moves so fast that a 20 year old product is often impossible to support.